Hoda Maalouf

Associate Professor. Chairperson. Advisor. Author.


Communication(s). Leadership. People-skills.


Imperial College London
Communication Engineering, PhD, 1998


Notre Dame University – Lebanon
Associate Professor and
Head of Computer Science Department

Who Am I?

I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. In spite of the dreadful situation in my country during the civil war, I managed to focus on my education and excel at school and university. This enabled me to seize a very rare scholarship to pursue an MS degree at Imperial College London. I lived in London for nearly seven years, earning a Ph.D. in Communication Engineering. I returned to Lebanon in 1998 to join the faculty of Notre Dame University.

Most of my work at the university revolves around communication(s) as I teach Computer Network courses and work as a department head and academic advisor to a large number of students.


My Skills and Traits

I am an energetic and hard-working person. I enjoy helping others to complete their projects. While I am not averse to assistance from others, I always count on myself to finish mine. I am a big dreamer, and like many, I dream of success. But I have been around long enough to know that dreams are achieved by sustained effort, not in the blink of an eye. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.


Things I Believe in

• I believe in positive energy, that we are all connected in this world and that what goes around comes around.
• I believe in human relations and the need to reach out to people and touch them in an authentic way.
• I believe in communication, and that the gifts and knowledge we have are there for us to share with others.
• I believe in guardian angels and that in tough times we are never left alone.
• I believe in myself. I came into this world for some good reasons and I do not plan to leave it without fulfilling my human potential—or at least as much as possible.


My Interests

I am equally interested in my academic specialty, in science and the arts, and in drawing, writing, social media and making meaningful connections with people.