Energize Your Leadership — Discover, Ignite, Break Through.

We sometimes struggle with the pressure to lead, perform and excel.

Living a meaningful life can also be a challenge.

Energize Your Leadership was written by 16 authors for one common goal: to inspire people to rethink their personal and professional attitudes.

Here you have 16 real stories for people who want to do even better in life, and who want to make a difference. The stories were written to inspire and stimulate, to rouse and motivate. Some may cause you to ponder, others to jump out of your chair and take vigorous action. They were composed for people who want to do their best in their professional and personal lives, for leaders who want to have a significant impact.

As you read our book, you will become familiar with our stories. We hope your vision and passion will be reignited.

— Hoda Maalouf

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The power of storytelling comes alive in this collaborative book, Energize Your Leadership. These diverse leadership pros wisely decided to write a book that reached instead of preached. They dug deep into years of personal experiences to offer every leader and future leader the ONE thing they each need: A reflective way to stay energized. Without lecturing or proclaiming there is one best practice, they break through the apathy, that all leaders can intermittently feel, with stories that inspire.

One of the authors, Hoda Maalouf, rivets the reader with her story of living through the Lebanese civil war. As she recounts the struggle, she provokes our personal reflection on how we live and work. With this approach, she powerfully activates our leadership lessons learned from her story.

This is a must read book with chapter after chapter of daily leadership inspiration. If you want to develop your career potential, read this book for inspiration. If you want to start each day fully energized, read one chapter every morning. If you want to empower your teams for success, offer them this book.

I am honored to know many of these authors and grateful they gave me the opportunity to express my views on this inspirational gem. Bravo to them and best wishes of success to you as these storied lessons ignite your greatness.

— Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™