Selected Quotes from “Energize Your Leadership”

We sometimes struggle with the pressure to lead, perform and excel.

Living a meaningful life can also be a challenge.

Energize Your Leadership” was written by 16 authors for one common goal: to inspire people to rethink their personal and professional attitudes. 

Here you have 16 real stories for people who want to do even better in life, and who want to make a difference. The stories were written to inspire and stimulate, to rouse and motivate. Some may cause you to ponder, others to jump out of your chair and take vigorous action. They were composed for people who want to do their best in their professional and personal lives, for leaders who want to have a significant impact.

As you read our book, you will become familiar with our stories. We hope your vision and passion will be reignited.

Have a glimpse at some selected quotes from our book and start your journey of inspiration!

"Forget showing the world you're perfect. Show people that you're human." ― Alli Polin 

 "I stayed safe because I listened to the truth my gut screamed at me instead of my logic." ― Chery Gegelman

"If you focus only on your barriers, you’ll never see the road." LaRae Quy 

"Be grateful to be alive! 
Get up, shake off the dust and move on with your life." ― Hoda Maalouf

"Our struggles can serve us if we allow them to change us." ― Scott Mabry

All artworks were created by Karelle Rizk to accompany these quotes.

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